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Violin Masterclass (Part I)

Hey guys! Long time no see, right? I've been so ridiculously busy with school ... ;A; can't wait for the holidays! XD Anywho, nothing very interresting today, I just felt like talking about my violin classes XDD Why you ask? Because I've got this amazing feeling that I'm living out La Corda d'Oro hahahahahaha *shot*

Gilbo? Get out of this body now!

Ok so, back to more "serious" things XD First of all, I should say that the classes are given every thursday evening, from October to early December. We're 12 students in the class and our teacher is full of win and she plays like a pro XD. So, here we go ^__^


First day was actually slow going ... XD you know how it goes: member intros, teacher intro, instrument tuning and then checking everyone's individual levels :) All in all, it was lots of fun and relax for the first class ^_^ I'm happy to have masterclasses this time around. It's so different from individual lessons :O Srsl, I always thought solo was better but, masterclasses are definitely more fun! :D Everyone helps each other out, it's a really great atmosphere :P

The classes are given at the music pavillion (atop a friggin' hill of death XDDD) so obviously, it's FILLED with music students *__* Ureshii desu~ corda d'oro Our class is in the piano wing of the school, even more awesomeness for me *__* sugoku ureshii desu~ And - wait for it - I met this very cool pianist ♥ He's like, a nicer version of Len, but just as awesomely hot talented.


Yay! We started playing little pieces to get us going~ non-impressive things such as twinkle-twinkle & London bridge. It was fun! Everyone in class is so nice~ I made friends with all of them ♥ My teacher is so cool, I love her to death *__* She's so patient and loving and caring and .... *derailed*

I talk with my "Len" again today :3 Gawwwww, he's so cool *__* But somehow, I find him too ... flirtatious? Idk, there's just something about a guy like that, that I don't really trust >_> + my awesome teacher doesn't seem to like him too much ... whut is going on?


MOAR un-important little pieces ... and, group! music !! XD Today we all got together and played as a group while the teacher accompanied us on the piano~ T'was magical *__* Like, a little orchestra of 12 violinists + 1 pianist ♥

OTL .... they figured out today that I can play the piano ^^; I was hoping to keep that a secret because I know they'll ask me to play for them and, I'm not comfortable playing in public, let alone a class full of team mates XDDDD


More orchestral playing~ As I expected, I got nagged to play the piano for my class OTL *runs and hides*

I guess I was right to be weary of "Len" ... turns out he's a total womanizer *oh joy, my favorite kind of people, -nark-*. My teacher told me of his habits of hitting on the "new arrivals" at the music school (Idk, somesort of bet thing with some stupid jock friends of his >__>) Why must I be so unlucky? ;__; Aww well, there's always that cute guy in my Statistics class ♥~


Hurr~ I hate doing scales ... >____> I know, they're necessary OTL b-but still! They're so boring! ;w;

Teacher taught us today how to play in 2nd & 3rd positions .... ajfhalsfhalksgflaks my pinky finger won't make it to the end of semester DX We also practiced some glissandos on the 4th .... >_> owwwww, my finger is sore OTL


I'll continue this later on ^^; see ya! ♥



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Apr. 15th, 2010 04:39 am (UTC)
Saku-chaaaaaaaaaan *glomps*

Your classes sound fabulous!! :D So glad you're enjoying them. I'd so love to listen to you playing <3.

:( And so bad that guy is like that. Shame.

:D Hope you tell us more about your classes!
Apr. 17th, 2010 02:23 am (UTC)
T-Chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!!!!!!!! <33333333 (oh, how I missed you! ;w;)

Haha they are! Hurr~ >_> I don't consider myself good enough yet ^^; Hopefully I'll get better at it! *__* Ah yeah .. well, you know what they say, win some, lose some! ;P hahaha~ (Besides, I'm too busy to be looking anyways XD)

I will! <333
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