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American Idol FLOP


As everyone knows, last night was "American Idol Season 8" Finale ... The actual show was EPIC. They had so many stellar guests up on their stage, it was well-worth the two-hour showing. In fact, the famous invites consisted of Queen Latifa, Lionel Richie, Keith Urban, Jason Mraz, Cindy Lauper, Queen, KISS, Carlos Santana, Steve Martin, Rod Stewart and, of course, last season's winner: David Cook. There were also huge stars in the audience, which just added to the quality of the show.

Ryan Seacrest was an awesome host as always, I really enjoyed the new "Idol Awards". It was funny to see the crazed signers that actually made the original Idol cut ("Norman Gentle", "Bikini Girl" & Tatiana Nicole Del Toro).

I enjoyed the judge performance by Kara DioGuardi ... I was not expecting the bikini showdown between her and "Bikini GIrl" .... XD There's some seriously funny stuff that happens on Idol XD

All in all, American Idol went all-out this year in order to create a mind blowing finale.

My favorite performances were:
Alison Iraheta & Cindy Lauper duet "Time after time"
Adam Lambert & KISS
Danny Gokey & Lionel Richie
The Idols & Carlos Santana


Seriously? Kris is the Winner? FOR REAL ?!?!? %"(?("?%!)$@%&!%?(!!)$/@(?%!$!)%?)"$%&"%!!!!!!!!!!! WTF happened ?!?!?

I mean, COME ON. The guy can't sing! Ok so, he's all small & wide-eyed like a deer BUT that doesn't mean he has to WIN the title ! O____O Basicly, AI has ROBBED Adam from his rightful title. Note that, ROBBED. Adam has been consistent all season through, the Judges all loved him AND he was a crowd favorite.

You know what this reminds me of? Season 2 with Ruben Studdard & Clay Aiken as the two finalists .... Clay had been consistent throughout the season, never in the bottom two, acclaimed and loved by all .... and then comes around the finale show and then BAM! Reuben wins .... Everyone was like WTF? It wasn't expected AT ALL.

So anyway, back to the present, Adam should have won, hands down. As far as I'm concerned, Danny Gokey should have been the finalist, along with Adam. He too was robbed of his place by the other dude aka the "dark horse". ..... Dark horse my arse! He shouldn't even have made the Idol cut! I mean, seriously, I'm outraged at this ... Kris is not a strong singer. The background music almost always overwhelms him !!! The only time he actually does OK is when he's doing a ballad, accoustic style. That is NOT a versatile artist. Adam is able to sing above the BG sounds and has the most amazing range I've ever heard.

In any case, Adam is going to go FAR into the music industry, of that I'm certain. Whether he has the title or not, it doesn't really matter. He has a HUGE fan base who will support him I'm sure. So, here's my prediction: Adam Lambert will become SO popular on his own (ie, without AI's help), that he will surpass Kris Allen in no time AND we will be seeing him in Broadways &/or musicals for sure.

I'm not worried about this true Idol's career.



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