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Master List of Epic Stuff

Waiii~ exactly as the title says XD


Pokémon Wants


Pokémon TCG Wishlist

Hi everyone! I come with this new geeky post about Pokémon, essentially for the pkmncollectors comm (where I hope to get some awesome replies *3*

I will either a)trade or b) buy the cars in this wishlist (but I prefer to trade please, I'm poor ;w;). I'm looking for cards in MINT CONDITION only ie, brand new &/or mint. I will not accept any card that has even minor scratches, tears, discoloration, etc. I also prefer 1st Edition cards for the "older" decks (Jungle, Fossil, Base, Base 2, Team Rocket).

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Violin Masterclass (Part I)

Hey guys! Long time no see, right? I've been so ridiculously busy with school ... ;A; can't wait for the holidays! XD Anywho, nothing very interresting today, I just felt like talking about my violin classes XDD Why you ask? Because I've got this amazing feeling that I'm living out La Corda d'Oro hahahahahaha *shot*

Read about the most awesome moments, of the most awesome class I've ever taken in my awesome life, filled with awesome things.Collapse )


Ghost Friends [J-Drama]

wuaaaa~ This is my new "coup de coeur" in the world of J-Dramas :D

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Heat, water & crazyness

OMG I'M DYING. It is so damn hot right now, I just want to move to the Artic Circle. It's been the most awful week (temperture wise) ever. All summer, it was rain, rain, rain, rain & more rain (sorta like England XD) and now, all of a sudden, it's a HEAT WAVE. The thermostat has been steady at 35oC for the pass few days and today was the worst ;A; 40oC. Lord have mearcy, they've promised us a THUNDERSTORM either tomorrow or Wednesday. I CAN'T WAIT.

So, in the spirit of wanting to get cooler, my Mom and I decided we'd try to find a place to swim. Obviously, we can't go to the public swimming pool because of our dog so, we opted for the next best thing: the river. Only problem is, it's filthy. So for a straight hour, I googled a place near our home where the water wasn't bug riden. We travelled for an hour because of the trafic/construction/detours/etc (usually, it would take 15mins) to get to the place. In the end, we couldn't go because there was a HUGE sign that read "no dogs allowed". My Mom was pissed (mostly at me) and so, we headed back home, to our polluted river, where we should have gone in the first place. Now, my Mom was ballistics about me going for a swim in those waters, and we faught long and hard. Finally, I didn't go, but instead let my dog play on the edge. Everything was fine until, in a split second of inattention, he pulled on his leash so damn hard (he's a Husky, it's in his nature) and dragged me face-first in the dirty, stinking murky water ..... HURR. My Mom when nuts and yelled her head off at me XDDDD I laughed my ass off.

All in all, it was a wacky day. Maybe my Mom is right, the heat his getting to our brains XD

On second thought, it looks like it's going to rain right now :D (The sky is as black as night! Very unlikely for a summer evening ...)



Perseids 2009

Anybody else watched this awesome phenomenon? Srsl, it was EPIC *__*

First of all, I'm a little bit crazy when it comes to astronomy .... XD So, when I heard there was going to be a sky-event between Monday night (11th) and Tuesday morning (12th), I HAD to watch it *__* I'm so happy I did, it was very cool.

So, for anyone who doesn't know about this, it's a shooting star extravaganza XD The Perseids originate from the constellation of Perseus in the Northern Hemisphere. they travel from West to East in a linear motion.

On monday night, there were a ton of them *__* Unfortunately, I couldn't watch those, so I watched them on the following evening (12th-13th Aug.) I staked outside from 12:30 AM till 2:00 AM and managed to catch 43 shooting stars :D The main problem this year was the moon D: Because it was in it's waxing cycle, it was uber bright henceforth, overshadowing the stars :( In any case, it was still worth it ^__^ Thank goodness it was a clear night for star gazing! It was the perfect to night to observe the other constellations too such as Ursa Major (big dipper), Ursa Minor (small dipper), Cygnus, Draco, Cassiopea, etc. as wel as the major stars such as Polaris, Sirius, Arcturus, the "summer triangle" (Vega, Altaïr, Deneb). Mars and Saturn were also visible in certain areas, sadly, I didn't see them ... too many trees >__<

I look forward to next year's showers too~ Maybe by then I'll have a camera powerful enough to catch these beauties on film!



Hetalia Chara CDs

Taken from: Hetalia.com

Upcomming Character CDs:

■「ヘタリア Axis Powers」キャラクターCD Vol.4 イギリス(CV:杉山紀彰)

■「ヘタリア Axis Powers」キャラクターCD Vol.5 フランス(CV:小野坂 昌也)

■「ヘタリア Axis Powers」キャラクターCD Vol.6 アメリカ(CV:小西克幸)

■「ヘタリア Axis Powers」キャラクターCD Vol.7 ロシア(CV:高戸靖広)

■「ヘタリア Axis Powers」キャラクターCD Vol.8 中国(CV:甲斐田 ゆき)

Vol. 1: Italy
Vol. 2: Germany
Vol. 3: Japan
Vol. 4: United Kingdom
Vol. 5: France
Vol. 6: United States
Vol. 7: Russia *__*
Vol. 8: China (ARU!)

:D Can't wait~


This is so wrong XD

Meme "stolen" from mitsukiyame13

Your Hetalia Family by jewelie
Favorite Character
Country you live in
Sibling #1
Sibling #2
Best Friend

Mother & Father: I agree ♥
BFF: Totally ♥
Sibling/Lover: ..... ^^; that is SO wrong ... hahahaha (Russia is ♥)
Stalker: Latvia? Really? .... hahahahahaha~


American Idol FLOP